The Vicinus Group

The Vicinus GroupTM uncovers complex social and semantic connections to provide a transparent view of the ecosystem of relationships within and among communities, issue spaces, and organizations.

We help clients discover and manage the complex social relationships and affinities critical to success. We provide relationship mapping, visualization and collaboration training services that leverage the hidden structural and relationship patterns within clients’ larger social ecosystems. These relationships can be interpersonal and inter-organizational (e.g., central actors), spatial (e.g., geographic dispersion), procedural (e.g., collaborative processes), or drawn from public discourse (e.g., issue salience and conceptual framing), depending on clients’ interest and desired outcomes.

For most organizations, a critical challenge is developing a clear and strategic awareness of their position within larger social and economic systems. But even when systemic data is available, such “big picture” information often fails to reveal significant patterns because the data are seldom analyzed as a system.

Here is a prime example of the value relationship mapping can reveal: TED Talk

The Vicinus Group knows how to extract relational data from large and diverse data sources to create maps of the hidden structures of our social world. We look at the public web, the “deep web,” and internal organizational assets, using sophisticated tools and techniques to identify and surface relationships. Our knowledge of leading social and cognitive science insights then allows us to interpret the social, political, and economic significance of these patterns, and our experience building collaborative processes can show clients how to better achieve their goals.

Identifying such dynamics requires a “high touch” approach, customized to each client’s central concerns, as well as to the available structured and unstructured data. The combination of technical expertise and an ability to efficiently assess an organization’s resources, needs and goals is what enables us to identify, analyze and interpret social networks.